Game Host FAQ

Do you have an interest in hosting games? Below are the most commonly asked questions from your fellow hosts! If you have questions beyond what’s asked here, please reach out to for more information.

Hosting Etiquette

As a host, you are responsible for guiding a group through the game of your choice. Players are looking to you to make their experience great!

Some rules of thumb:

Show up at least 5 minutes before the game start time to set up your space and get the game laid out. If you are hosting a complex game, more time may be needed.

If players are missing at scheduled start time, it is up to the host’s discretion whether they would like to start immediately or wait for a few minutes.

Game hosts should read the Anti-Harassment Policy and make sure no violations occur during the game.

Be mindful of the schedule of games. If your game is running long, you may need to end the game before it is completed.

After your game is completed, clean up your space. The next host will be along shortly – don’t make them clean up after you! If you’ve moved the game schedule and table number, please make sure you put it back where you found it.

How do I host a game?

To host a game at Dragonflight GameCon, you will submit your chosen games in advance to our online scheduling system, Tabletop.Events. Once your game is approved and scheduled, it will appear on the list of games available to be played at Dragonflight GameCon.

Do I need to purchase an event pass to host games?

Yes. You will need to purchase an event pass in order to submit games as a host.

If you host more than 12 hours of games, the cost of your ticket can be refunded to you or rolled over for next year’s admission (see details under “What rewards are available for hosting games?” at the bottom of this page).

Do I need to own a copy of the game I want to host in order to host it?

No. Dragonflight GameCon maintains a large game library with copies of games available for checkout. Email to check in advance if Dragonflight GameCon owns a copy you can use for your hosted event. This needs to be done before you post the event on Tabletop.Events.

If you own a copy of the game you’d like to host – feel free to bring it!

How do I submit a game to Tabletop.Events?

Both registration for the convention and event submissions are handled via Tabletop.Events. You’ll need to create a login on TableTop.Events, then pick Dragonflight GameCon from the list of available conventions. Then click the “submit events” button, and you’ll be directed to a simple form for submitting your event.

Need a little help? Look here for instructions on how to submit your own game.

Can I submit a game to host during after the convention starts?

Yes. Please see the staff member at the Information Desk. They will assist you in submitting your game and printing out a sign-up sheet for you. This is of course based on availability of table space; the Area Event Coordinator will be glad to help you. The Area Event Coordinator has the final word on available space. There are also open gaming tables available to throw together a last minute game.

What should I put in my event description?

Your event description is limited to 500 characters, but it needs to entice the target audience you want as players in your event. Don’t use the event description to teach the rules, but to answer the questions a potential player might have. Do I have to have played this before? What mechanics does the game use? Is this for an advanced audience? Do I need to bring my own character or army? Am I the right age to participate in this event? Would this be fun to play?

How long should I make my event?

Our events are scheduled using 1-hour Time Blocks. Games must end 10 minutes before the next time block to give players time to reach their next game and to allow time for setup. Longer events can span multiple time blocks. You choose the starting time and how many time blocks your event will run.

Do I need to include a link for my event?

Yes! Please include a link to a longer game description, such as the descriptions found on Board Game Geek or the game producers website.

Events submitted without a link will be pushed back to the submitter to provide these details.

Can I create an event targeted just to kids?

Most Dragonflight GameCon events are geared toward adult or young adult players. It takes considerable skill, as a game master, to run such an event with a child player in a way that is positive for the child without detracting from the enjoyment of the older players. Keep this in mind if a parent asks whether your event is suitable for their child.

If your event is geared for younger players then check the appropriate box during event submission and perhaps bring attention to that in the event description.

Can I create an event with mature themes?

Events with mature themes are not suitable for our regular gaming spaces but may be run in a conference meeting room. Contact your Area Event Coordinator to discuss options. We are happy to list such events (suitably worded) on our schedule. Event hosts should read the convention Anti-Harassment Policy. The policy is in effect even within mature games. You can submit that request on our Contact Us page.

If I want to create a tournament style game or multi-round event, how do I do that?

A multi-round event, such as a tournament where only the winners can advance, should be entered as a separate event for each round but allow signup only for the first round. A description in one might be something like “This is the semi-finals of the Axis and Allies tournament which started at 7 PM Friday. Winning teams from Friday automatically advance to this round, no sign-up is required”.

A multi-round event that allows new players to join on any round should be entered as a separate event for each round, and each should require sign-up.

What rewards are available for hosting games?

Please head over to our Volunteering page to read all about the amazing rewards offered for hosting games at the con!

How do I get rewards after running my games?

To claim your rewards as a game host, collect your event paper sign-up sheet, which will be available near the Information Desk just prior to your event. Have each player who plays the game initial next to their name. After your event is complete, take your sheet to the Registration Desk where it will be filed. After all your events are complete, visit the Registration Desk to claim your rewards. Games must be run to receive credit for rewards (cancelled events do not count).