Dragonflight GameCon is volunteer run: without our meeple-army of volunteers there would be no convention! We offer our deepest gratitude to all our volunteers, those who have helped in the past and those who are currently helping with the convention. We have some typical volunteering roles listed below, but if you have ideas for ways to contribute, please reach out.

Our volunteers receive special swag and admission benefits – see the bottom of this page for details.

Event Hosts vs Volunteers?

Event Hosts are Volunteers. However, they are specialized volunteers who run the games and events that make up the really fun part of the convention. See Event Host Info for more information.

Please take note: The volunteer room is reserved for volunteers assisting with the con operations only.

Volunteering at Con

During the Con, there are lots of opportunities to support, including:

  • Registration desk
  • Game librarian
  • Photographer
  • Kid’s area
  • Auction staff
  • Set up & Take down
  • Event runner

Volunteering outside of Con

There are plenty of activities that take place throughout the year that help bring our convention to fruition. Many people volunteer throughout the year, at times other than during the convention.

Rewards for volunteering:

8T-shirt or Tote bag
12Admission Refund*
*The admission refund is only for the convention fee and does not include any hotel costs, or other fees. Only the 12 hour level includes all the items. T-shirt and tote bag rewards are limited to quantity and sizes on hand at the convention.

Claiming your reward

To claim your rewards as a volunteer, check with the Volunteer Coordinator.

To claim your rewards as a game host, collect your event paper sign-up sheet, which will be available near the Information Desk just prior to your event. Have each player who plays the game initial next to their name. After your event is complete, take your sheet to the Registration Desk where it will be filed. After all your events are complete, visit the Registration Desk to claim your rewards. Games must be run to receive credit for rewards (cancelled events do not count).