Covid-19 Statement

Updated for Dragonflight GameCon 43 (Aug 18-20, 2023), Updated 4 Feb 2023.
We will provide an updated statement for Dragonflight GameCon 44 in the first quarter of 2024.

In the interest of protecting our staff, volunteers, vendors, and membership, we will be instituting the following policies for Dragonflight GameCon 43.

Any individual who is ill with symptoms that are potentially COVID will not be allowed to attend the convention. For those who have pre-purchased badges, if you are symptomatic and are unable to attend, please contact the convention for a refund or to push your membership to next year.

At this time, we will not be requiring attendees to wear masks or to be vaccinated for COVID during the convention. However, attendees are encouraged to make their own decisions and wear a mask if it makes them more comfortable. Please note that this policy is subject to change at any time up to the start of the convention based on health department recommendations or requirements.

Please be advised that a risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any event or public space, including Dragonflight GameCon. In advance of the convention, please review the latest CDC Guidelines regarding best practices for preventing COVID. Any mitigation measures at the convention (e.g., hand sanitizer, air filters, masks), if provided, are provided as a courtesy only. Dragonflight is not responsible for COVID illness that was potentially acquired at the convention.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us at or If you have pre-purchased a badge and are unable or unwilling to follow the COVID-19 policy, or are uncomfortable with the policy for 2023, please contact one of the addresses above to request a refund.