How do I sign up for a game?

After you’ve logged into Dragonflight GameCon on Tabletop.Events, follow these steps to reserve a seat in a game:

Choose the Attend menu item and select Events Schedule.

Use the Schedule of Events search screen to locate the game you wish to join, and press the Get button.

Events with no Get button are full and do not have space for additional players.

You need to treat game sign-ups like you would an online purchase. If you don’t fully complete the “purchase”, the game will be purged from your basket and the game won’t show on your schedule a day later. When signing up for a game, make sure you go through all of these steps:

1) Get the ticket

2) Checkout

3) Check out for Free

Once you check out fully, you’ll be shown a receipt, just as if you purchased something. You will also receive an emailed receipt. If you don’t receive a receipt, double check to make sure you’ve fully completed all the steps above.